The Beholder
Inspired by The Twilight Zone (The Eye of the Beholder)

Whenever I think of The Twilight Zone, the first things I picture are the pig-faced people from the Eye of the Beholder episode. I really wanted to create one of the nurses, so I took the opportunity to do so for this show.

I made the shadow box a little different than usual. There are two panes of plexiglass spaced-out behind the character. Each pane, as well as the back piece, has stars painted on, giving the three layers a 3D effect. I included a video link to help show it, though it is best seen in person.

Part of the Miscellaneous Mayhem show at Bottleneck Gallery, opening TONIGHT, June 13th. I’ll have a bunch of new pieces in the show, alongside JP ValderramaAlexander Iaccarino, and Guillaume Morellec!

Video Link

I want one



I’ve been watching the creeping 90s revival with a mixture of amusement and despair, I feel I’m far too young to witness a revival of the clothes of my youth. I can remember this stuff the first time round and it was shit then, it’s shit now. Perhaps I should just embrace the onset of premature…

Is there something fundamentally wrong with me that I can come close to the verge of tears over a fictional character in a book but while at my best friends wedding there was nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that he found his OTP and I’m hoping for the very the best on this new adventure. But again, as I was walking down the aisle as one of his groomsmen, as him and his wife were reciting their vows, as I was saying goodbye to my best friend of 16 years because he’s moving from our hometown to start his life with his wife, there was nothing. But I can’t come across the reaction of Buttercup after Prim’s death, or read the last few chapters of Fault in our Stars without turning into an emotional wreck.